How to register death

The Consulate General is able to register the death of any Gambian citizen in Sweden and issue a Gambian Death Certificate.
To register the death of a Gambian citizen at the Consulate you will need to fill in a application form and send us the originals of the following documents:

There is no obligation to register a death at the Gambia Consulate General but by doing so, you can obtain a Gambian-style death certificate and a permanent copy of it will always be available in English at the Consulate General.

Cancelling the passport of a deceased person

It is important that the passport of a deceased person is cancelled so it cannot be used illegally. Outside The Gambia, you should send or hand in this passport, along with a copy of the death certificate to your nearest Gambia Consulate, Embassy or Office of the High Commission. For security reasons we ask that you cut off the top right hand corner of the passport before returning it. This is to ensure that it cannot be used fraudulently.

When we get the passport we will either:

a) Cancel it so it cannot be it used and dispose of it safely on your behalf, or
b) Cancel it so it cannot be used and return it to you.

You will receive one certified copy of the death certificate free at the registration.

Original documents will be returned to you.

[download form of application for the registration of a death (pdf, 209 kb)]
There is no fee for this service.